KSI holds a Florida LP Gas License and is registered with DOT. The requirements for testing and inspection are performed in accordance with DOT 49CFR, NFPA 58, and Florida Statutes.

The vessel will be visually inspected for corroded areas, dents, and other conditions, including leakage under hydrostatic pressure of 1.5 times its designed working pressure. Tank opening valves will be checked and updated to current stan-dards, remote operators checked, relief valves replaced, hoses replaced with factory coupled & tested hose assembly with methanol added. The completed unit will be purged and gas leak tested. Lighting, reflectors and placarding will be checked.

The tank will be decaled with 5-year and 1-year inspections and test dates.


*NOTE, New DOT Requirement: All MC331 cargo tank motor vehicles already in service must be retrofitted with required emergency discharge control equipment at their scheduled pressure test after JULY 1, 2001.



This work is performed at our shop only. A minimum of three working days required and 350 gallons of gas for purge and pump test.

"The above procedure is for informational purpose only and not intended to represent all requirements"





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